Grants for Investing in Stocks

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    Non-Existent Government Programs

    • The government programs to which these websites offer to connect you do not exist. Specifically, as of 2011, no government program exists or has ever existed that offers financial grants for personal investment. If such a program did exist, third parties probably would not spend advertising money to lead you to it. For example, no online advertising exists that offers to connect you to Aid-to-Dependent Children (ADC), because families in need of assistance from this long-standing government program can apply without assistance from third parties. Federal and state governments offer all the information you need to apply for such government programs, including the application itself, though many legitimate government websites.

    Data Collection

    • Websites proposing to get a government grant for investment may ask you for personal and financial information the promoters will use to gain access to your bank account and charge accounts. They may sell your information to another group that will use it for the same purpose and, perhaps, resell it. Once you have been victimized by identity theft, it will take considerable effort and time to undo the damage, which may include damage to your credit.


    • Even if you close down a suspicious website -- and any website offering free money qualifies as suspicious -- without giving out personal or financial information, the website operators can quickly and easily download malware of various kinds they can use to obtain passwords, collect financial information or simply to turn your computer into a distribution site to infect other computers, often using your email directory.

    Learn More About Scammers

    • Several websites recommended by state and federal governments can help you learn more about online scams. Many of them list the most popular current scams and give you detailed information about avoiding specific websites and dubious online offers, such as the free government money for personal investment scam. A few of them are Truth or Fiction, Snopes and Scambusters. Type "free government money for investment" in the Snopes website to learn more about this popular scam. The Scambusters website contains more information, along with information on related free government money scams.

    Non-Government Education Grants

    • Some legitimate non-government agencies do provide grant money to organizations for investor education. One such agency is the Investment Company Institute (ICU) Education Foundation.

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