How to Remove a Window From a Geo Tracker

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    • 1). Pop up the hood and remove the negative battery cable using a wrench. Set it aside so that it doesn't touch metal or the positive battery terminal.

    • 2). Roll the window down. If it's a power window, remove the window control with a trim stick by prying it up. Unplug the wiring behind it. If it is a manual window, slide a towel behind the crank and slide it back and forth to disengage it from the retaining C-clip.

    • 3). Remove all screws on the inside door panel using a Phillips screwdriver. Some of the screws are covered by a plastic trim bezel. Pry up the bezels with a trim stick.


    • 4). Pull the panel up and away from the door. Unplug the electrical wiring behind it.

    • 5). Peel off the plastic water protector.

    • 6). Pry up on the weather stripping near the window, using a flat-head screwdriver.

    • 7). Remove the mounting bolts from the window glass regulator, using a socket wrench.

    • 8). Put on work gloves and lift the window up and toward the inside of the vehicle.

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