The Hidden Beauty of Sirohi: Mirpur Jain Teerth

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People reading Sirohi latest news would know how the small district is always in news for something or the other happenings of political or administrable look-outs. However, the district is also one of the most favourable among tourists for various reasons. One being Mount Abu, which takes the highlight. However, there yet are a few hidden places, like Mirpur Jain Temple. Well, the Jain teerth place is literally hidden, amid trees. It is not just one, but a group of four temples, though Parshvanath Temple holds the highest importance.

People updated with Sirohi news in Hindi will be aware that it is an easily accessible place, as there are several buses or taxis on offer, yet there will be a 30-minutes walk to reach the destination. This trek itself can lead you to a different world altogether, where it will all be about silence, calm, and nature.

This path was, however, through once-a-dense-forest, which was highly feared of animals on prey. None of that exists now, though.

Mirpur was once known to be a fortified town of Jain traders, however, not even remains are to be found there.

It is rather strange that the complete area has no remnants of its past, though the four temples stood intact.

First India Rajasthan Sirohi news can easily bring you the fact that it was Mahmud Begada who had destroyed the temples in the 13 century, only to sanction rebuilding of the temples in 15th century. Of the four temples, the largest one has been kept open for visitors and prayers, while the other three are more or less left unattended. A community formed to take care of all the temples of Sirohi district, Seth Kalyanji Paramandadji Pedhi, takes care of the temple and also looks after all the requirements of the visitors, like kitchen, small shelters,


As per the everyday Sirohi Hindi news, the temple occasionally invites a Jain Acharya to stand over all the celebrations and prayers taking place at the temple, which also includes singing, dancing and feast.

A visit to the temple and you'd realize that all the Jain temples have a particular style of architecture.

Every Jain temple that was built around and after 10th century has garbhgriha, a particular room, constructed for the placement of the deity. The Mirpur temples are an example of such a construction which show beautiful workmanship.

Like said earlier, of the four, it's just Parshvanath Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Parshvanath, that pilgrims can access. Sirohi news today suggests that the temple was built by King Samprata and is the largest of all the four temples and also the oldest monument constructed of marble in complete Rajasthan. The exquisite carvings are mesmerizing. The temple celebrates Lord Parshvanath's victory over enemy, Karnatha.

What impresses is not just the carvings, but also the symmetrical architecture, which some say are unmatched in the complete world, such that the much better known Dilwara and Ranakpur temples in Mount Abu are based on these lesser known Jain teerth temples.

The site also offers amazing view of sunrise and sunset.
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