The Ignored Perils Of Alcohol Addiction

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alcoholPeople often underestimate the effects of alcohol as well as the effect of alcohol addiction on society. Research has reported that if more individuals knew of the ratio of alcohol related to crime, they would advocate for stricter laws controlling alcohol and harsher penalties for those incidents purported by alcohol. This is a societal issue, but it is also an individual issue when it comes to individuals grappling with their relationship with alcohol. Perhaps if more people were aware of addiction and addictive behaviors they would be signing themselves into an alcohol detox rehab centers to help them detox from alcohol.


Alcohol has been listed as one of the top five substances abused by Americans. It is easily accessible and legal for those over the age of twenty-one, and is a socially accepted substance of choice to alter ones mental state. Although mostly used in social settings, many people use alcohol as a way to escape undesirable emotions or situations. It is a highly addictive substance that if, abused frequently can actually lead to a dependency.  

Alcohol Dependency

Alcohol dependency refers to the body physically becoming addicted to the substance. This occurs when someone has continuously been imbibing alcohol. This is very dangerous and it also requires medical attention to detox from alcohol abuse. As withdrawal from alcohol can lead to seizures and other nasty side affects that are dangerous.

Alcohol and Prescription Drugs

As we're well aware, Whitney Houston, and many other celebrities before her have passed away due to fatal concoctions involving alcohol and prescription drugs such as Xanax and the like. Alcohol mixed with any substance is bad news, but especially with prescription drugs however those addiction to alcohol do not heed the warning label on their bottles, and risk certain death when simultaneously imbibing the drug and alcohol.


There is hope however, for those addicted to alcohol. There are many support groups such as AA, where one will be able to find a sponsor who can help them get through the tough times. For someone with a series alcohol addiction a residential setting may be best. They offer on site detoxification services that are medically supervised. One detox is successfully achieved, a transition to a residential setting occurs. A rigorous schedule of daily activities including group therapies, counseling, and workshops help the recovering addict cope with their addiction and what it is has done to them. It also gives them the necessary tools to find other ways of coping with the stress and undesirable emotions that lead them to alcohol in the first place.

Alcohol is a scary substance. It is so common place and thought of so casually that people often forget the seriousness of an alcohol addiction as well as its impact on society. By offering more support and outlets to those who are suffering from an addiction as opposed to ridiculing them and attaching a stigma, perhaps more alcoholics will successfully recover. Of course there is more to it than that an addict has to want help and acknowledge the problem first. However, when they do there are many options for them to take when it comes to the long road to recovery. However, the best option is going through detox services at an alcohol detox center. 
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