Being Aggressive With Girls Online - 5 Techniques to Make You Irresistible in Her Eyes

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Being shy is not a crime, however, if you want to get lucky with the ladies, it's time to set it aside and be more aggressive.
Well of course, it's easier said then done - projecting an image totally different from yours may be tempting but believe me, things will screw up sooner or later - especially when you're doing it online.
But where else can you possibly me more like yourself but online, right? So the best way to do is for you to start gaining a bit of confidence and be more on the go when it comes to attracting women.
It doesn't take rocket Science to do it and you don't have to undergo expensive personality enhancement classes to put meaning into your life.
Below are a few tips to start being aggressive with girls online and finally making her yours in no time!
  • Intrigue her.
    Have an air of mystery in you - no need to get all over eager to reveal everything about yourself just yet.
    Make sure you leave something for next time.
    Ever wondered why women play-hard-get? It makes men go crazy and gaga for more! So play it well too.
    It takes two to tango, anyway.
  • Be specific.
    It pays to be specific and descriptive when you're chatting up with a girl online.
    She needs to makes use of her imagination (of you) to make her more connected to you than just mere words.
    Be detailed and clear about the way you present something - that's going to get her more impressed.
  • Get naughty.
    When you've started to get to know each other well by now, it's time to get naughty.
    Getting naughty online means you need to get as personal as you can.
    Asking her what she's wearing can be a good start.
    You get the picture.
  • Make her open up about herself.
    Ask her questions just like when you're having a real date.
    Get to know what she usually does on a weekend, her hobbies and her interests.
    These are the very basic stuff that you have to know by heart - it helps the both of you build that special connection that'll make you both attracted to each other.
  • Meet up in person.
    Meet up and hook up! There's no better way to make your online escapade even more exciting and successful.
    That's actually why you went online in the first place - to meet up and hook up for real! So go right ahead and ask her out on a real date - she may be dying for you to ask her at last!
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