Business Car Insurance - Getting the Lowest Rates Possible

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Paying for the different types of insurance policies that are necessary to cover all aspects of a small business is a major part of the cost of doing business.
Business car insurance is one of the most expensive.
Managing your company's auto insurance premiums and getting the lowest rates possible for them are a big part of running a successful company.
Here are some ideas for small business owners to help them lower the cost of their auto coverage.
1) Educate your employees on driving safety.
There are several ways to do this, including driver's education courses and/or safety classes.
Find out what your insurance company gives the biggest discounts for and have your employees who operate your vehicles, meet these requirements.
2) Secure your vehicles well.
Be able to show your insurer that you are keeping your cars as safe as possible when they are not in operation.
Storing them in covered and enclosed garages is the best way to get discounts.
3)Don't hire drivers with bad driving records.
Make sure to review the driving record of every potential employee who will be driving a company car before hiring them.
The insurance company surely will.
Do not hire anyone who doesn't have a clean driver's abstract.
Doing so will raise your rates significantly.
4)Purchase cars that the auto insurance company deems safe to insure.
There are two things all companies will look at when determining rates for coverage, as it pertains to the make and model of the vehicles being covered.
First, how often is the car stolen? Second, what is the safety rating of the vehicle? Buy cars that rank well in each category.
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