How To Save The Relationship With Your Girlfriend! 7 Tricks You Can Use to Re-Bond With Her Fast

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Research has shown that laughter can reduce stress hormones.
And disease-fighting white blood cells go up as well.
The anticipation of happy times can slash depression levels by 51% and fatigue by 15%.
So here is a list of books to make you smile.
They are easy to read! Boogers are My Beat by Dave Barry Dave Barry is a humorist and newspaper columnist who pokes fun at the lunacies of everyday life.
You Know You're 40 When..
by Ann Hodgman and Patricia Marx These authors remind us that the funniest target is ourselves.
For example, "You know you're 40 when..
someone offers you a seat on the bus.
And you don't refuse.
" What Wendell Wants by Jenny Lee You don't have to be a dog lover to laugh at Lee's over-the-top love of her terrier.
When her dog's ball loses its squeak, her husband frantically restores it with Lee looking on.
Girls' Night In edited by Lauren Henderson, Chriss Manby and Sarah Mlynowski A "line" once meant a bad come-on or the group waiting to get into a club.
Now a line means wrinkles on your face.
You can probably relate to this book--containing essays--by such humorists as Lauren Henderson, Jennifer Weiner, and Marian Keyes.
Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen An heiress seeks revenge after her greedy husband dumps her overboard House Husband by Ad Hudler This book is about perfect people who can do it all.
Perfect parents who home-school their chiildren, make gourmet meals, keep their home spotless, and grow beautiful gardens.
All the while they are cheerful and hide that they are control freaks Dress your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris About a young gay man whose father wishes he would play baseball Sun Tzu Was a Sissy by Stanley Bing Sun Tzu wrote The Art of War.
In the past it was required reading for all generals and CEO's.
This is a spoof of that advice
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