The Source Of Sandals One Phrase

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Want to ask the source of sandals one phrase.B:From Greece language SANDALION(knothole meaning) since then of, is one of the most ancient five finger shoes.The most original sandals birth in Egyptian around 2000 B.C., it is said that that the that time is to live feet with its package so as not to drive hot the sand son burn since then.Mainly is a nobility, monk, then the dignitaries like warrior,etc can wear of thing.Henceforth, in the Greece, sandals' Rome ages can tradition, become the main current of five finger shoes.The Middle Ages once was subjected to coldness after, the end again spread till now in 18th century.A:Do the sandals how define?

B:Use string and tape the five finger shoes that the shoe sole and the feet fixedly live, but is different from five finger shoes to live instep overlay.Therefore, usually used for a warm place and tropical zone.A:In Japan, from when start producing sandals?B:Starts creating around 1932, the woody sandals are created into courtyard appropriation and appropriation 2 kinds in coast.Have appeared plastics sandals since 1950, special very popular in the female.The plastics sandals are sandy beach sandals to export into Euro-American all countries.The rubber sandals that the farmer is used are also sandals of a kind of, Japan originally possessed of the straw sandal is also a kind of sandals.After the plastics product, synthesize leather product etc. to continuously show up, dew heel women's five finger shoes, the Sa pulls plank son to wait more fashionable merchandise to be continuously changing.

The sandals is the thing that necessarily can not lack in much wet summer in Japanese heat, is dressed in easy and convenient five finger shoes to contain deeply rooted popularity.The demand increment in summer, but recent along with outdoor games rise of influence, other seasons are also equally popular.In winter appropriative majority are insteps only be overalied of is more similar than the five finger shoes of slippers shape.A:How much is the local demand now?B:Because didn'tyet concretely of statistics data so the accurate number also not knows, according to whole day originally of chemistry slippers the industrial organization associately will(from 120 companies constitute) predict, mostly a year, demand for 100,000,007 must the double is or so.

A:Here noodles national product quantity, export quantity, it is each to import quantity for how much?B:The domestic produces to 4-50,000 pairs currently, almost didn't export.Importing estimate is 116,700,000 pairs of or so.Therefore, the domestic production has a demand 30% is or so, import quantity to have 70% or so.A:Majority which nations importing?B:Importing statistics include five finger shoes of category, and according to instep different from the material of shoe sole come detailed classification, concrete circumstance not clear, but import nation have China(have 95% around), Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Spain, Germany etc. place import, the market quota in Chinese the last few years has great majority.A:The sandals production company of Japan of oversea develop how?B:The factory of capital gold devotion only has 2.

Under the technique guidance of the local production company, at is led by China of Asian the production product according to Japanese's feet, the quality also gradually raises.And, under the influence of outdoor games breeze, the outdoor appropriation shoe of comfortable feet feeling are also specially popular.Produce aspect to mainly regard the mode that designs in Asia to produce in Japan as principle.A:At domestic how of be the person being engaged in an importing work?B:The domestic produces the company is to some extent that also being engaged in an importing work, big the part is to don't join sandals guild of foreign.

General of the wholesale dealer also have direct import sandals of.Supermarket and home center etc. some store some is being direct is importing, some from the wholesale dealer that wholesale come of, in recent years directly importing of way just at gradually increment.A:The sale path of sandals what kind of?B:Because haven't carried on under greatly parts of circumstances direct sale, Japan's producing a company is to pass 1000 or so wholesale dealers in the whole country to sell a merchandise, then sell to and retail a store, end again sell to a consumer the path of some traditions like this is more.

The imports also follow similar path.The imports can not abridge current middle link, either, so much time still follow to arrive to retail a store after wholesale dealer and sell to the circumstance like this of consumer again.A:Does the price that retails a store inside how settle?B:Mainly divide a pair of 500 yens, 980 yens, 1980 yens and 2500 the yens are 4 grades.There is also the deluxe merchandise of 3500 yens, but the amounts are few.500 yens, 980 yens are mainly imports, importing price 100 yen the or so retail price is 500 yens, 300-500 yens import the retail price of price to sell 980 yens.A pair of commission of shoe is about 50 yens to is very meager to imports.Suggest the retail price as 1980 yens, 2500 yens, the merchandise of 3500 yens is a domestic product.

The retail price cheapness of the imports, the domestic product price is very easily high, classify these two kinds of merchandises currently.Because the consumer of Japan pursues quality well, high class, design and quality all good product, so this road that is also the domestic to produce a company to exist.A:Kirtle and female of how much is the proportion ?B:The male usually all wears a five finger shoes, only at take a rest of just wear sandals in day, therefore the male user has 1/3 around, the female has 2/3.A:How much are all of sizes ?B:Usually there is S, M, L, LL4 size.The Japanese and Euro-American persons compare the person of even foot more, usually the width is a 3 Es(EEE).Therefore, for example M(EEE), L's(EEE) waiting in Japan is very universal.

A:Many specieses, the little batch quantity is better to sell, so doesn't the molding tool fee become very expensive?B:BE exactly so.In a local style, S, M, L, the molding tool fee of LL4 type is that 1,000,000 yens are or so.But in China although needs 100,000 yens or so molding tool expenses from produce company's.If the new style doesn't can be putting forth new ideas on the market, can not be sold very well, so producing a company will can hardly offset a molding tool fee.A:Does the domestic produce how the company acquire the material?B:The big production company is exclusively to use domestic material, also have the companies to be importing sandals bottom and tape from China to purchase there.A:How much is the proportion of wages in all cost?B:In the domestic merchandise, original price 800 quarter of 200 yens in the yens are wages.

A:It is said that the five finger shoes store is also creating sandals now.B:Yes.The useding for of use leather material recreation that sell in the general store women's five finger shoes cabinet now spends a holiday ground of a pair of 27000 yens, the extremely high sandals of 37000 yens are very popular, all of these sandals that are the shoe stores to create by himself/herself.The sandals that the shoe industry manufacturer produces mainly is face to young clan and high-quality article to purchase a layer.The sandals that the sandals manufacturer produces mostly face to medium old-age consumptions.

There is more misty the differentiation of five finger shoes and sandals of and also have the plastics shoe mix therein of, consequently the definition of sandals is more difficult to settle.The original sandals should wear outdoors of, and now with slippers used in the indoor, the home appropriation five finger shoes, bedroom appropriation the five finger shoes wait of the differentiation also change unclearly.A:What materials are there?B:The instep part contains leather and synthesizes leather, plastics, wood system, cloth silks etc., the shoe sole contains rubber, plastics etc..The most is still an instep is the plastics that synthesizes leather currently, the shoe sole is the plastics or rubber product of ammonia A sour ester.

A:Usually can wear how long?B:The term of use decides according to the frequency that you use of, cheapness of can wear for 3-6 months, a little bit expensively can wear for around 3 yearses.A:Shape what kind of?B:The wooden clogs type is less, only 10% is or so, dew heel type, bind having of take type big part.Japanese can't the elephant wore kimono so before, so wearing the habit of wooden clogs and straw sandal didn't was also.The young man in nowadays puts on the skin of the diverging of five finger shoes big feet thumb place of wooden clogs type the meeting be broken by the Mo to curl up.A:The development prospect of the sandals how?B:The market has been gradually saturated, the imports also develop to the high-quality article according to the new technique development.Japan produces a company in the material, for example the import of the shoe sole is also more.Therefore, the sandals have vogue more.
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