American Idol -How to Become a Star

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What does it take to become a star? Others think that you need talent or beauty, some say you need connections, still others believe that you should have the money and the right heritage.
Assuming you have most if not all of those so-called requirements, how do you get talent scouts to notice you and how to you launch your career into superstardom? First you need to be discovered.
Before the advent of reality television, aspiring stars would camp out in front of casting director's offices, or take several mini roles in forgettable films hoping that their raw talent would shine through.
Now, the road to success is easier.
Shows like American Idol make it easier for people to follow their dreams.
These shows give would-be stars a place where they can hone their talents through the guidance of experts in the field.
Aside from being groomed, the participants and their performances are televised, thrusting them into the limelight and making them household names almost instantly.
In American Idol, the show still segregates the good from the bad via auditions but once you get through the initial screening and the Hollywood Hell Week, you're more or less sure that you would have gotten your 15 minutes of fame.
If you think that being in the final 12 is already a ticket to success, then you are mistaken.
If you watch video clips of American Idol from the start of the season to the end, you will see subtle differences in every performer.
The once quivery voice of one will become stronger and more powerful as the days progress; the uncoordinated clothes and unflattering do of another transforms into something more fashionable and appealing right before your eyes.
Being a star is not only about raw and unadulterated talent, it's about being at the right place at the right time.
It's also about the total package.
It's not just about having an exceptional singing voice; it's also about looking like a star and carrying yourself like one.
In addition to these, you must also be endeared by the viewers or the fans.
We have seen talented actors or singers who cannot be classified as "stars" because of the very limited following they have.
It's difficult to explain, to put is simply, you must look self-confident without appearing too full of yourself.
There are no hard and fast rules to becoming a star; nor is there one sure way to stardom.
The formula for success varies from person to another.
Being a finalist in American Idol may pave your way to stardom, but staying in the limelight is something you have to work on and do by yourself.
So heed all the nasty comments of Simon, work on your talent as well as your charm.
These, plus hard work and determination, are your true tickets to stardom.
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