The Only Advantage That You"ll Ever Need to Succeed at Internet Marketing

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If you hang around enough internet marketing forums for long enough you will see much of the same questions being asked with varying answers but you have to ask yourself this, "Are these forums the best places to get the right answers to your questions"? - Especially when it comes to getting advice about internet marketing and making money online.
So what is the most popular type of question that gets asked? Well, it goes something like, "What do I need to make money online".
There are many variations to that question but it boils down to the same thing, "What do I need to succeed at online marketing or making money online" There are 101 different answers to this question and you will find all of them on any internet marketing forum but how accurate are these answers? How do you know that your question isn't being answered by someone with just as much, or less, experience than you? You need to cut through the noise and find the true defining answer to this question and that answer is: The only thing you need to give you the biggest and most powerful advantage over your competition is a Starving Crowd.
What do I mean by this? Well, regardless of your business whether it is online or offline, regardless of your market or the product that you offer, you will always have competition.
But don't worry, competition is good and should drive you to constantly develop and improve your products and services.
But if you have a starving crowd then you will succeed in your business and beat your competition every single time.
So what is a Starving Crowd? This is your audience, these are the people who walk past your hot dog stand, these are the people who search for your product online, these are the people who are desperate for what you are selling.
Take the hot dog stall for example.
There are two hot dog sellers, the first seller has the best tasting hot dogs, made with the freshest ingredients and priced lower than the other hot dog seller.
The second hot dog seller sells hot dogs that are not as good as the first sellers hot dogs, they also cost more yet don't taste as nice or fresh.
So, which hot dog seller do you think will make more money or sell more hot dogs? You're obvious choice would the first seller, right? Well, actually no, because we missed out a vital part of the scenario.
You see, the first hot dog stall is located on the street in a busy city where most of the people passing by are either not interested in a hot dog or have a lot of choice when it comes to places where they can buy hot food from.
But the second stall is located at a busy sporting event and is the only hot food stand where the people at the event can buy food from.
This seller has a starving crowd (literally).
If anyone at that sporting event wants to buy hot food then they have no other choice but to buy a hot dog from the seller.
Now this doesn't mean that you can sell low quality goods or provide people with a low quality service as your success will be short lived.
But what it does demonstrate is that by having access to the right audience, crowd, potential customers, then you will succeed online and not have to worry about the competition.
When it comes to online marketing it is all about the people who will be buying your products/services.
As a quick example, Mary who is an avid scrap booking fan does not sit up at 1 O'Clock in the morning agonizing over where to put that picture of the Empire State Building that she took on her last vacation.
But John, who is being threatened with foreclosure, is desperately looking for a solution to his agonizing and serious problem.
Now which of these people are more likely to buy a related product from you? Do you see the difference here and the important point? Having a starving crowd who is desperate to buy the solution to their problem is much easier to sell to.
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