Fantasize Over Dorset"s French Restaurants

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Holidays in Dorset should be celebrated with a trip to one of the great French restaurants in the area.
French food is probably one of the world's most flavourful and complex cuisines.
There are several different types of cuisine to choose from in Dorset and guests enjoying Torquay holidays can agree that the area has a great reputation for great tasting food.
Several options are available for you during your holidays in Dorset or during Torquay holidays.
There are two French restaurants that are very popular with the tourists and locals alike so "foodies" on vacation in this area can start their quest to try all the great French restaurants that are operational in this area.
La Fleur de Lys This French restaurant is an institution in Dorset.
For the past 19 years La Fleur de Lys has been dishing out exquisite French food to patrons on a daily basis and also travellers who have visited the restaurant during their holidays in Dorset.
This restaurant is headed by its owner and its chef who is obsessed with quality.
Families can enjoy great meals with great French flare and spectacular desserts in this landmark Dorset restaurant which should be experienced even by tourists enjoying their Torquay holidays.
Whether guests prefer a lively meal with over flowing drinks and food with friends or a nice and quiet romantic dinner for two, La Fleur de Lys is definitely the place for you to dine while spending your holidays in Dorset.
This restaurant is very popular and tends to become very busy during the peak season so it is recommended that you make a reservation beforehand so that you do not have to wait for a considerable amount of time for a table.
This advice applies to tourists that are scheduling a trip to La Fleur de Lys while planning their Torquay holidays.
Le Petit Canard This quaint French restaurant is sort of resembles a little French cafe in one of the small towns in the South of France.
Not being far in appearance from the Dorset countryside this fabulous French restaurant fits right in this South Western English region.
Holidays in Dorset are truly palatable vacations with Le Petit Canard serving classic French dishes.
Torquay holidays will not be complete without trying the Roasted duck leg with a ginger orange glaze, Grilled goat's cheese with caramelised red onions, Escalope's of pork tenderloin and Griottine cherry crème brulee.
This fine example of a classic French restaurant is located in the village of Maiden Newton which is just a few miles to the west of Dorchester but its name is famous all over the region.
This restaurant has been serving the Dorset population and visiting tourists for more than a decade and is close to being a great culinary institution in Dorset.
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