No More Hope

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With the influx of high-ticket products, courses, training, tools, seminars, and site memberships, and the resulting discussions and wide range of opinions, I just couldn't hold this in any longer.
Let's end the Hope Hype.
Say it with me now, okay? "No More Hope.
" Come on, no enthusiasm? Oh? You think I'm heading towards the deep end again.
Look, "hope" cannot be purchased, rented, or traded for.
Hope is given, hope is received, hope grows, and yes, hope dies.
But there is no price tag in dollars for hope itself.
And hope, while externally stimulated, resides within.
It's yours.
When you are looking at these sales pages for the latest, greatest, easiest, thingamabobs, gadgets, or whatever, think about why you are buying them, why you want to buy, and what will it really do for you and your business.
Are you really paying for something that will help you grow your business, or are you spending money to make you think you will see a big, or bigger, return? Are you only buying 'hope'? Now, that's certainly not to say there aren't a lot of quality products and services out there.
There are.
I own many of them.
Some of them cost a good deal of money.
However, before you buy the next big thing, think about the following: - Is it something that is sustainable? That goes for your costs if it's a membership or a monthly fee service.
It also goes for trendy tactics.
Will this be viable a year from now? 5 years from now? Can I afford to use it, pay for it, until it shows me a return? - Is this something I will actually use? (Be honest with yourself) We all have bought things we never used.
I'm no different.
Write out a plan for what you will do with this and when you will do it before you even buy.
Chances are if you can't make this commitment before buying, you're not likely to be very committed to getting the benefits of what you are buying.
- Do I want this for what it can do for me or what I can do with it? There comes a time that in order to grow your business, you really need to leverage your time.
Give tasks to others and focus your time and energy on the parts of your business that need your attention or skills specifically, or that you enjoy doing and do well (and quickly).
Paying for something that essentially is just adding to your workload isn't any smarter a way to use your assets than buying things you won't use, or that can't live up to your expectations.
In the end, what you can do with what you pay for is the ultimate outcome.
If you are buying a service, that seems easy enough, but the same is true for buying content, or scripts, or ebooks, or courses.
If you don't implement, use, what you purchased, you are again, just buying hope.
If it doesn't save you time, money, stress, or other resources, it is just buying hope.
If it doesn't help you earn more? You're smart enough to figure that out.
So, say it with me now, will you? "I will buy, no more hope.
" Be well,
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