Dangers in Dog Food - How to Identify the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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The Good Proteins - Carbohydrates - Fats The ingredients are listed in descending order by weight.
This can really help you in choosing a healthy dog food.
So when you read the ingredients, look at where the "fat source" is labeled.
Anything listed before that fat source, and including it, is the main part of the food.
Everything else is used for flavor, preservatives, vitamins and minerals.
Here are two examples: a.
Corn, meat meal, chicken fat, ground wheat, chicken byproduct meal, dried beet pulp ...
As you can see in this food source, it contains mainly corn (which is only a filler and not nutritious at all) and a meat meal which doesn't tell you what meat they are using.
Also, by-products and dried beet pulp are a big no-no.
Turkey, chicken, chicken meal, ground brown rice, ground white rice, chicken fat, apples, carrots, sunflower oil...
In this food source, you have your proteins, (turkey, chicken & chicken meal), your carbohydrates (ground brown rice, ground white rice) and your fat as the top three ingredients.
This is a very good source of nutrition.
The Bad You must read ALL of the ingredients on the label because companies can get by with a lot of tricks to fool you into thinking the food is healthy.
Hydrolyzed Protein: This protein is broken down into amino acids one of two ways; prolonged boiling in a strong acid or base such as potassium hydroxide or broken down just using an enzyme like pancreatic protease.
Even though this enhances the flavor of the dog food, it contains "MSG" (monosodium glutamate).
We all know how harmful MSG is to humans so you can only imagine how harmful it would be to your dog.
By-Products: This ingredient is just plain nasty! This includes things like fecal matter, beaks, cattle and horse hooves, carcass from animals that have died of cancer, and even remains of euthanized animals.
I could go on, but I think you get the picture.
The Ugly Ethoxyquin: This is a preservative that is basically poison.
It was banned from human consumption but the FDA still lets dog food companies put it in their dog food.
They can now only use half the amount.
Half or full ...
it's still poison! BHA (Butylated HydroxyAnisole): This has known to cause stomach cancer, liver damage, behavioral changes, and hyperactivity.
BHT (Butylated HydroxyTolene): Causes thyroid and bladder cancer, liver issues, and metabolic stress.
Propylene Glycol: Destroys red blood cells.
NOTE: If you also have a cat, they can become very addicted to this chemical.
Hopefully you have a little better understanding of the good, the bad and the ugly in our dog food.
It would be a good idea to memorize these ingredients so you can spot them immediately when looking for a healthy dog food.
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