Different Styles Used by Bathroom Cabinet Makers

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Bathroom cabinet makers, like other furniture craftsmen, use different styles which provides the consumer with a variety of choices for their homes.
Read on to learn more about these styles and what they look like.
Then choose your own! A very spare style, Scandinavian Design relies on very clean lines, allowing the material's inherent beauty to come through.
Compared to other designs, there is very little ornamentation.
French Provincial goes in the opposite direction, with paint or gilding on nearly every surface.
Painted scenes cover flat surfaces, while gold leaf marks corners and edges.
A variety of woods is used.
Early American colonists, forced to rely on what was at hand, developed a style with little or no metal.
They used joinery and steam bending, instead.
Early American Colonial styles use deciduous hardwoods and fruit trees like cherries and walnuts.
Importing materials was simply too expensive.
The least finished style is the Rustic style, sometimes called the log cabin style.
The natural wood character shines through, with an edge left completely untreated.
Rustic is a very utilitarian design.
The most common woods used are pine, fir, spruce and cedar.
Mission design is characterized by very thick lines with heavy, flat oaken panels.
Pulls and stays are very heavy and dark, usually made of black iron.
Mission became popular in the early twentieth century.
Coming from across the sea, Oriental or Asian design uses easily renewable resources like bamboo or rattan.
For luck, red is the most common color, with stylized landscapes and words for ornamentation.
Rooted in the egalitarian communities of the American East, Shaker furniture focuses on function and symmetrical lines.
It is both practical and solid, meeting the needs of the community before that of the artist.
These are some styles commonly used by bathroom cabinet makers.
Choose your style and let your bathroom shine!
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