How is boiled rice different from steamed

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When you want to explore the amazing food varieties available in the world, Singapore would definitely be a wonderful place to visit. Apart from being one of the best business hubs in Asia and a popular tourist destination that lures in visitors from different parts of the globe, Singapore is immensely popular for its food options. Among the different varieties of rice delicacies available in the country, especially from the Chinese and Spanish platter, boiled rice and steamed rice are hugely popular among the foodies. Both these variants of rice are different from each other due to a lot of factors.

The greatest difference lies in the way these delicacies are cooked. Boiled rice is the most popular variety in the world. Rice is boiled in water which gives it an amazing texture and enhances its nutritional value in the process. Boiled rice is very easy to prepare. All you need to do is to wash the rice, place it in a bowl of water, and allow it to boil. You can also use electric cookers to get this done in a quick manner. The rice becomes very soft when boiled. You will have to empty the water that remains during the process and separate the rice into a serving bowl. This can then be served along with different types of side dishes. Steamed rice is cooked in a slightly different manner. The quantity of rice and water should be selected precisely. For a cup of rice, you should not use more than 2 cups of water. Place the rice in a bowl containing water in medium flame. You should allow the water to boil and then reduce the flame and allow it to simmer until the entire quantity of water is absorbed by the rice. The taste of steamed rice would be quite different from that of boiled rice. You will be able to try out both these variants of rice when you visit a restaurant that served authentic Chinese food in Singapore.

The choice of side dishes is also different. Boiled rice is succulent because of the presence of water. Steamed rice is drier compared to boiled rice. Hence, ordering dry dishes wouldn't be a good choice along with steamed rice. Choose a nice Chinese restaurant in Singapore and order the chicken and meat delicacies that comes with gravy along with the steamed rice. You will be able to order good Chinese food in Singapore with ease since there are plenty of restaurants serving authentic cuisine. These eateries would be the best choice to try out steamed rice. Boiled rice can be ordered at the Indian and Mexican restaurants in the country. Spicy side dishes would be the best to order along with boiled rice. The aroma that boiled rice possesses is really pleasing and you will be able to enjoy it for lunch and dinner along with the spicy chicken dishes. You can also try out the fried meat dishes along with boiled rice as it complements each other quite well. If you are preparing these dishes at home, use the glutinous rice varieties to cook steamed rice and the other variants for boiled rice. 
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