DIY Golf Cart Tray

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    • 1). Find or buy a large, rectangular hardwood board. Ideal types of wood include oak, cherry and maple. The board must be 1/2-inch thick and large enough to fit under your golf cart's driver/passenger seat. This can vary slightly depending on the dimensions of your gold cart tray storage area, but you'll want a piece that is roughly 4-by-2 feet.

    • 2). Measure the dimensions and shape of your under-seat storage area and draw them on the hardwood board with a pencil. It's important that the measurement be precise. If necessary, use a sheet of thin, translucent paper to trace the shape of the tray area and superimpose it over the board. Score the board with a knife, following the pattern.

    • 3). Cut out the shape you've drawn with a bandsaw. Remove the tray shape from the rest of the wood. You can cut even more easily if you cut out your outline by removing the unwanted outside edges of the board in sections.

    • 4). Fit the board to your under-seat tray space to make sure it fits properly. If it doesn't, use the saw to cut away whatever extra there is until the fit is snug. Sand the edges of the board until they are smooth.

    • 5). Take a second hardwood board of roughly the same size as the first. Cut it lengthwise into strips that are about 2 1/2 inches. On your wooden tray board, use a ruler to draw out the shapes and sizes of the various compartments you want for your different pieces of golf equipment. Use these measurements to cut your long 2-inch strips down to the proper sizes. You'll also want to cut a few strips to fit the dimensions of all the edges of the tray board.

    • 6). Fit the strips of hardwood into their places on the tray board, laying them down along their narrower edges. Nail each strip into the tray board with small, thin finishing nails. Drive the nails in at an angle so that they push through the strip diagonally.

    • 7). Sand the top edges of your compartment divider strips until they are smooth and slightly rounded. Paint or varnish the tray.

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