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If you are a welder you are most likely concerned with your safety.
You take precautions by wearing a helmet while welding, but what type of helmet do you have?The type of helmet you wear can greatly affect your eye safety.
Welders are all too familiar with the possibility of an arc flash.
Exposure to the intense arc flash can cause serious harm to your eyes including retinal burns.
Therefore, it is imperative to find an auto darkening welding helmet.
What should you look for in an auto darkening welding helmet?First, verify that the helmet meets the ANSI Z87.
1 standard.
This standard guarantees that the helmet will provide the proper protection against the arc flash.
You can choose a lens shade that will suit your comfort level and needs.
Ensure that you wear the helmet properly in the down position when you weld.
Welding helmets can change shade by solar powered or battery operated means.
What are the differences between these two methods?Solar powered shades change when a change in light intensity is detected.
They are designed to automatically darken from the arc.
Battery operated shades must be turned on by the welder to operate like the solar powered shades.
Helmet specifications can be analyzed before making a purchase.
You can research specifications including viewing area, UV/IR protection, switching speed, power supply, operating temperature, weight, price, and much more.
More detailed information regarding each specification can be found on many manufacturers' websites.
Find a helmet that feels comfortable atop your head for extended periods of time.
You might want to invest in a helmet that has a sensor bar if you work in close proximity of other welders.
The sensor bar will help to alleviate any false alarm darkening of your helmet due to neighboring welders.
Where can I find an auto darkening welding helmet?Auto darkening welding helmets are sold through many stores, online retailers, and even on Internet auction websites such as eBay.
Prices can range from under $100 to over $200.
Helmets are produced by different manufacturers and contain a wide range of features.
You can even purchase a helmet called the Hobart Hood Premium 770262 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet.
It comes in a Stars & Stripes version.
This helmet has the American flag painted on it.
There are plenty of Internet resources available to search for your perfect welding helmet.
You can find welding helmets that align with your welding duties.
An array of options is at your fingertips.
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