How to Find a Good Teenage Summer Job

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    • 1). If you are under 15, then you will likely not be able to work in a restaurant or a store. You will need to find a service you can provide and then advertise yourself with some flyers or word of mouth. Some good ideas for jobs in your reach would be:
      2)Yard work services such as mowing lawns
      3)House cleaning
      4)House sitting
      5)Dog walking
      6)Pet sitting
      7)Offer your services to a local business distributing flyers or advertisements
      8)Car washing and detailing

    • 2). If you are over 15, then all of the above jobs are still an option, but you also have the chance to:
      1)work at your favorite store in the mall
      2)work for a fast food restaurant
      3)work for a grocery store
      4)work as a file clerk if you are good at alphabetizing
      5)work for a local sales store (i.e. music store)
      6)work for a family friend in their business

    • 3). Hopefully, these suggestions will help you, but remember to check with your potential employer about the age requirements for a job before putting in an application.

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