New Viruses And Hacker Attacks Learn Their Way To Weak Computer Systems.

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It was primarily network users with obsolete browsers which were hit as soon as online banking customers in the Danish Bank in autumn had compromised their computers by a hacker virus that tried to lure bank details out of them.

Bank closed simply meant for their acknowledge and did not accept them as Customers, until they had formatted their mainframe. They had not updated the browser to the modern version, Internet Explorer 8. Read More here RullegraesKolding

PC applications which are not regularly updated, create laptop. weak and vulnerable to attack by criminals, and it is also, according to Head of Bankers, Birgitte Mikkelsen often, the reason, that some computer are infected and others not.

"There is a shift in the direction hit, as these exploit clients, with older programs or un-updated OS. Older programs versions tend to have holes where hackers can then use to their advantage by using a Trojans, viruses or Worms and the consequences can be catastrophic.

Todays Trojan viruses, take everything they can contract hold of. Of course, the credit card information and login information, but we expect to see more phishing attacks, which could actually be avoided if citizens just understood that they are under attack, 'says the German virus expert, Magnus Kalkuhl working for Internet security company Kaspersky Labs to Exchange. Read More here SommerhausDnemark

A phishing attack is normally an attempt to lure the recipient into believingwhich the sender of an email is credible, and then normally steal whatever details or input from his notebook.

It can be an email that appears to come from your bank with a hyperlink to a site which is a copy of your online banking system, users are lured to try to log on to their accounts and thus revealing their password to the notebook bandids.

Birgitte Mikkelsen from Bankers Association points out that there is only one thing to do, besides keep his computer. up to date: "You have to ask yourself some basic question: 'can this be?". We are absolutely sure that either banks or ant financial institution will ask clients about card information over email ". Read More here Ledlys

There are many programs which can tell you when your PC needs a software update. Most are free. One of the most reliable programs is SUMO, which you can download online.
It will also examine your computer and tell you what programs need updates.
Or use the Securina service. It offers to scan your notebook so you can blow off between important matters and things you have to look into before its too late.
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