How to Decode Using Nero

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    • 1). Place the DVD that contains video you want to decode into your DVD drive. Open Nero Recode via its shortcut icon in the "Nero" folder of your "All Programs" menu.

    • 2). Select the "Recode Main Movie to Nero Digital" menu option.

    • 3). Select "Import DVD." Select the icon for your DVD drive to import the video contained on the DVD to the Nero Recode window.

    • 4). Click "Profile Category" and select the profile you want Nero Recode to use during the decoding of your video. The profiles are named after the devices they are optimized for, so choose your profile based on what you want to eventually use the video for. For example, if you want to use the video on your Apple iPod, select the "iPod" option.

    • 5). Select "Next" to advance to the next screen. Verify that all your settings are correct (if they're not, click "Back" to correct them) and click "Start" to have Nero Recode decode the video on your DVD to the format you have selected.

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