Why Dads Love Fishing

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Millions of dads the world over take time out from their normal activities and secular jobs to go fishing.
If you ask kids or wives where their dad is on a perfect fishing day, they'd probably say: "Dad's gone fishing".
I did try going fishing at a freshwater pond once when I was a kid and I honestly found it rather boring.
The whole process of finding the right spinner bait, hooking it on to the rod then waiting for what seems to be ages isn't very appealing to a lot of people especially the youth.
What then do dads see in fishing for it to become their favorite sport? In my opinion: * They love the outdoors- unlike most of us the younger generation who have all the electronic gadgets, sci-fi movies and action packed video games to keep us company, our dads' generation probably had none of those.
They grew up hunting in nearby bushes, swimming in lakes and probably fishing with their dads.
Fishing must make them somehow relive those days, make them feel young again.
* It's their thinking time- lets face it- fathers have the most on their minds and in my opinion 'carry the world' on their shoulders most of the time.
They need some time to relax, think it all out.
I bet many of the 'genius' solutions to some family or financial problem were thought out while catching fish! The fact that usually none of the kids and more so wife would be keen on going with them really makes fishing their 'alone time'.
* It's a 'Man' thing- one thing innate in every man and more so dad is to be dominant, to be the boss, in control.
If there's something that can be controlled, won't talk back or try to reason with you, something that you'll have total power over- its FISH! When the fish is lured by your bait and you manhandle it into your boat-you showed it who the boss is.
I think it's that simple sense of accomplishment that dads don't always get from work or in somewhere else that makes fishing their kind of thing.
* They get to tell stories- just like how they love to reminisce their childhood, fishing experiences give them something to talk about with their buddies.
Be it of their biggest catch that got away or their close encounter with some other aquatic animal- its a story worth telling.
If fishing seems to be so inviting, why don't others like it? It requires a lot of patience-something that most dads have learned through all their experiences in their lives and something that many haven't yet developed.
I think we all should find time to appreciate silence, learn patience and discover for ourselves the beauty of fishing.
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