The Green Life: Save Money By Going Green

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Economics 101, Environmental Studies 101 and Technical Science 101, should be necessary classes for everyone to study because Economics and Technology are necessary to care for the Environment and Save the Planet.

For those who may not be the university sorts or are well educated and shy away from any of these particular subjects, don't be anxious. We're talking about 101, not 401, so this is entry level logic we're dealing with, and if you don't have it yet, you have to get on board quick because there's a huge amount at stake!

So, how does Embrace Renewable Energies and Eliminate your Power Bill 101 sound to you? Now thats the kind of subject matter we can clearly undertand! Highly developed technologies make solar power and wind power a bona fide clean energy solution!

Attention, Class is now is session.

There is utterly no hype in saying there's a lot at stake here because anyone with a set of eyes and ears understands this already. It is a well established fact that our planet could very well be in trouble. Big trouble! The ice caps are melting, drought is killing individuals and the future may well be pretty bleak.

Here are a few observations that lay it out.

1 If you pause and consider that each time you flip a light switch on in your home, you're conceivably damaging the planet, it's not a guilt trip, it's just a fact. I mean we're all part of it right?

2 Most electricity in the world comes from power stations that burn coal. Coal is a fossil fuel, and it's also dirty. VERY dirty! When the power plants burn it, they're belching pollutants into our environment and contributing to global warming.

3 I know I didn't send a memo to the power company and tell them to destroy the Earth, and neither did you, but we are, no question, adding to the dilemma when we use up lots of electricity.

4 You have to drive don't you? If driving your car does the environment harm, I suppose you can tell your boss to keep paying you for not coming into work, so you can save the Earth. Correct? Try that and see what it gets you! The fact is, we're all part of the dilemma, whether we like it or not.

5 People need to fly to get places, right? We can't just ground all of our air planes, and, even if we could, could YOU demand that and have anybody pay attention? Most likely not.

Ok, you get the concept, and it's precisely this sort of idea that makes a lot of people feel helpless and think there's very little they can do to help the environment. Nothing can be further from the fact!

Even if there's question about the science of it, do we actually intend to take the gamble of not taking action? So what can you do to cause a difference as just yourself? The fact is you CAN cause a difference and you are capable of making a considerable difference!

Here's the magnificent news... Each single occasion you walk outside your front door, you're surrounded by free, abundant, clean energy. The key is harnessing free wind power and solar power, which there is a never ending supply of, and it's a powerful force!

All you need to do is figure out how solar energy and wind engery operaties and turn it into what runs your air conditioner. Well, the technology is definatly here today, to economically build your own solar power or wind power generator for your residence, and hook them up easily. This isn't a game, and it's not some scam. It's the genuine deal, and people are doing it every day and in the process you can get rid of your power bill.

When you're running off your own renewable energy that you've generated from the Wind and Sun it's like running out your front door and discovering a bunch of cash on your front step. That's almost exactly what's occuring when you harness solar power and wind power, while at the same time you are helping to save the planet.

So, here's to slashing your power costs and saving the Earth while saving your self a wad of money in the process. When you embrace renewable energies call it an Earth-Kiss!
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