How to Send Free SMS From GPRS

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    • 1). Make sure your cell phone has GPRS activated on it. To confirm, go to your phone's "Menu" > "Web browser." Then type any address and press "OK." If the website opens, your phone's GPRS is enabled. If not, contact your network service provider and tell them you want to activate GPRS on your cell phone. Tell them your account user name/number and your handset model. Once they activate the service on your phone, you will be able to send free SMS through GPRS.

    • 2). Open your phone's browser again (by going to "Menu" > "Web"/"Internet"). Navigate to a website like Text 4 Free, SendSMSNow or Text Me Free (see Resources).

    • 3). Type a cell phone number in the "Number" field on the page. Also, enter your message in the text box. If there's a "Sender" field, enter your name in it so the recipient recognizes who the message is from.

    • 4). Press "Send," and the message will be delivered to the recipient. You will not be charged for this SMS.

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