DIY Wedding Invitation Printing Software

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    • 1). Determine your cost range for wedding invitations software. Research available software programs online and record their differences as well as the specific features you want. Software can be purchased online for as little as $20. Select the software you plan to download. Read through the website---some programs allow a free trial download that is fully functional.

    • 2). Write down exactly what you wish your wedding invitations to say. Research specific wordings---many wedding websites offer directions with regard to writing invitations as there is an accepted way of composing invitations.

    • 3). Use the trial or purchased invitation software to design several different versions of your wedding invitation. Print these on regular computer paper to get an idea of how they will look. Narrow down the options to two or three. Seek out a second opinion from an objective party about which design to use.

    • 4). Contact paper vendors in your area and request samples of wedding invitation paper. Print the invitation on several different paper samples. Seek out a second opinion before settling on an invitation paper.

    • 5). Order the paper for the invitations. Make sure the quantity exceeds the actual number of invitations you need in case something goes wrong with the printing. Purchase extra ink and begin printing. Allow each invitation to dry completely before stacking invitations to avoid smudging.

    • 6). Purchase embellishments from a local craft store. Consider lace, dried flower petals, or ribbon, all of which will give your invitations texture, beauty, and professional flair.

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