The World Cup in HD Around the World

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The world is eagerly awaiting the beginning of one of its biggest sporting events, The World Cup, set to take place in June in South Africa this year. Soccer is probably one of the most popular sports played throughout the world, though it has only been received with mild enthusiasm in the U.S. Many, however, hope that with greater access to this game, played around the world, and with the particular excitement that The Cup generates, people in the states will grow more curious about a sport which is the heart and soul of so many countries worldwide.

This certainly might become the case with the rise of large, flat screen, high definition satellite televisions. Thanks to satellite tv, bars across the U.S are now broadcasting soccer games played on hundreds of channels from every country imaginable. When The World Cup arrives, sports channels will only augment their coverage and commentary of the sport, giving even more access and exposure.

Why is it so important that the U.S. embrace soccer? Well, many believe that soccer has the power to be a unifying force internationally. Even during times of great economic or political distress, countries will rally and join together to support their national team. Even if it is only for moment, people put aside their differences and delay their worries to gather around a television and cheer. As a satellite broadcast delivers each pass, kick and goal, it also delivers a little fun and hope, and most importantly, pride. It is incredibly important that the most powerful country in the world be an active part of this positive collective energy. Setting an example that even as we come together on the field, we can come together across the meeting table.

There may be hope that future generations will embrace the sport. More and more kids are participating in soccer leagues across the U.S. Though it may only be heartily embraced on a junior level right now, this burgeoning interest among young people bodes well for the ability of soccer to mature and take a more prominent place among professional sports. Glimmers of this possibility have already begun to shine with professional soccer teams recruiting bigger name players from Europe and Latin America. Certainly, the most publicized acquisition of this kind was soccer's most famous player, David Beckham's move from the European League to the U.S. to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy. The jury is still out on whether or not Beckham increased interest in the sport or just augmented his own celebrity, but many believe that the act itself was a huge step forward for U.S. professional soccer.

It will definitely be interesting to see whether Americans get caught up in the excitement of the 2010 World Cup, this summer's largest and most anticipated international sporting competition. Will hundreds be gathered around their HD televisions to catch every kick? Most likely, this will not be the case. But, if a few dozens are, it's a good start and one our country can be proud of.
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