5 Tips to Write Articles That Converts

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Article marketing is known as the best and free way to generate sales and traffic. It requires you to write an article about a topic and submit to articles directory. However, whether it converts a visitor to a customer, it all depends on how you write the content of the article. In this article, I am going to discuss on 5 tips to increase the conversion of your article.

Before you start, you might want to read the Terms of Service of each different article directory. Do take note that different article directories might have different Terms of Service. This is the first step that you need to follow in order for you to publish an article. Without publishing an article, your content will never go online. So, whatever you do, read the Terms of Service first.

1) Title of the article
The title of the article should be your goal of what your content is. By doing this, it tells your visitors that what they will get after reading your whole article. Take for example; my title is "5 Tips to write articles that convert". It tells the visitors that I am going to tell them 5 tips on writing articles that converts, when they are browsing the article directory. This let them know what is in the article.

2) The summary
When a visitor is browsing the article directory, and finds your title interesting, they will read the summary to get what information is in it. Most of the time, I used an attention grabber to attract visitors to come to my articles and find out more. For example, by posting a question to them is a good way to grab attention. The question can be what problem they are facing, or what solution they are getting.

3) Organize your article
Try to create a new paragraph in every few lines. Do not continuously type for 10 lines. This will give the reader a very messy image on your articles. Seeing too many words will only make someone confuse. The best way is to categorize your article content.

4) Think of what the visitor wants
In article writing, it's not about what you can offer. It's about what the visitors can get. When a visitor reads your article, all in their mind is what they can get. They will not care how much you earn, how long you took to write that article, or how late you stay up just to write the article. They just want to know what they get. Give it to them and they will be happy.

5) Presell your information
In article writing, it is impossible to write all information in just one article. Presell some of your information and lead the readers to your website where they can find all information. Take for example, in this article, I cannot write all techniques in Article Marketing. 90% of the outcome is, my article will be rejected due to article is too long.

In article marketing, it is a free way to generate traffic, generate sales and even generate back links to your website. If you know how to use it, it's a tool to you. If you don't, it's just a waste of time for you.

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