Dog Health - How to Prevent Hip Dysplasia

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Hip Dysplasia is a hereditary condition found mostly in large and giant breed dogs.
Some breeds are more prone to the disease than others.
It is important when choosing pets you be aware of the prevalence of hip dysplasia within the breed.
Hip dysplasia happens when the muscles and tendons around the hip joint fail to hold the ball of the femoral head securely in the hip socket.
As these two bones lose contact, over time, the bone structure will change and erode away.
Unfortunately, there is no real way to prevent this from happening other than to be aware of the dog breeder's practices.
A dog born to parents with certified good hips will have less likelihood of developing the disease, whereas a dog born with even one parent with fair to poor hips are much more likely to develop the disease.
Only through selective breeding practices can the disease be eliminated within a breed.
There are measures you can take to help slow the degeneration of the hip joint.
  1. Keep the dog well exercised.
    Making sure the hip muscles and tendons remain strong will help to keep the hips in place.
  2. Diet and nutrition are very important to dog breeds who tend to develop this disease.
    Make sure your pet does not get overweight.
    Carrying extra weight will put more strain on already fragile hip joints.
  3. Ask your vet about supplements.
    Things like glucosamine, Omega 3 fatty acids and avocados may be of help for the osteoarthritis associated with hip dysplasia.
Above anything else, to decrease the chances of having a pet with hip dysplasia, thoroughly investigate the practices of the breeder you plan to purchase your dog from.
Be certain your dog comes from parents with certified good hips.
Ask lots of questions of the breeder before purchasing to find out the number of  incidences of the disease in their breeding history.
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