How to Reverse a Break Up

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If you have been told by your ex that they need space, or are re-considering whether or not they want to continue in a relationship, then you are probably wondering how to reverse a break up.
The theory I propose to you will work if you want to know how to reverse a break up, how to stop a break up, and will even help you in your efforts to get your ex back, if the relationship has already ended.
The theory I am speaking of is that of agreement.
In order to reverse the thought process of your partner, and make them second guess their own decision to end the relationship, you must agree with them that the relationship should end.
I am sure you are probably wondering how such a ploy could work, and if you just give me a minute, I will be happy to explain.
When someone is breaking up with their partner, most of the time a lot of thoughts and emotions have gone into the decision, and this includes their predicting your reaction to their breaking up with you.
They have played it out in their mind a thousand times.
Each time, they picture you getting all upset, and begging them to give you another chance.
The ego does funny things like this all the time.
So when they finally get around to breaking up with you, and they are completely prepared with their reasons for the break up, and you are going to throw them for a loop when you say, "I agree, it is just not working out, and I think we should stop seeing each other".
This is going to bother them so much, that they will begin to wonder why you were so unhappy in the relationship, that you would also want to break up.
Because of the role the ego plays in the human psyche, your partner will be determined to prove to themselves that you can be happy in a relationship with them, and they will decide against breaking up with you.
Instead, they will begin to try and keep you from ending the relationship, and just like that the break up will have been reversed!
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