Famous Presidential Endorsers Face Off!

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I'm not the type to vote for a candidate solely on the number of endorsers they have or their popularity.
However with the number of endorsers this 2008 Presidential Campaign has, these endorsers cannot be ignored.
Are you the kind who'll be swayed by an endorsement? Find out as we face off a few endorsers of both McCain and Obama.
In the left side of the arena, it's the McCain endorsers, on the other side the Obama endorsers.
In the business arena...
During a phone interview on CNN's Larry King Live, The Donald personally endorsed McCain.
Will we be hearing him say his famous words "You're fired" if McCain does a bad job at the White House? Eric Schmidt will hit the campaign trail this week for Barack Obama.
He maintains Google will remain neutral.
Will Obama's site rank higher for the words president of the US? In the Comedy Arena...
Kelysey Grammer has admitted that he's been getting threats from people and just bad vibes for being a staunch McCain supporter in a pre-dominantly democrat Hollywood.
If eyebrows determined a presidency, I'm sure Stephen Colbert would win hands down.
Who objects?! It's Blonde Vs Blonde...
who will win? Who says she's just good for..
Anyway she's pro-McCain.
Scarlet (should I use Reynolds?) gave a speech during the Iowa Rally last January for Obama.
In her speech she says she was so starstruck when she met Obama that she said "i love your wife".
They were pitted against each other in the movie Assassins, and now they are on different sides of the fence...
"I like McCain a lot.
" Words from Stallone.
Listen up or he'll make another Rambo movie and you won't like it (just like the previous ones..
) Antonio Banderas is an Obama endorser - a low profile one.
It's the Superheroes turn...
(let's just assume okay?) So who are you going to believe in? The man who wears his underwear last...
or the one who's got serious issues with women? (superhero or not, a lot of men have issues with women..
) Family Battle...
the Baldwin brothers in the 90s were so famous for being..
Now they're famous for other things - a family torn apart by politics.
Whose side are you on? He said that if Obama wins, he's leaving the country, and was quoted as calling Obama "a cultural terrorist" The only bright spot during the Sarah Palin SNL Appearance was Mark Wahlberg and Alec Baldwin.
Other than that, it was too painful to watch.
Last but not the least, it's the musicians turn.
Right about now, with the polls on the other side of the fence, McCain needs a lot of "gasolina" from Daddy Yankee.
Am of the black eyed peas produced a song and a celebrity-filled video "Yes We Can" for Obama.
Yes He Can! There you have it - just a few of the endorsers of both camps.
If you're who doesn't care who endorses who, good for you.
For the others who do, I respect your decision, and I hope you can identify with WHY your famous endorser supports a certain candidate.
For the others who don't find humor in this post...
why so serious?
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