Termite Infested Place Needs Immediate Action!

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Termites are called by many as "silent destroyers" as they could be secretly hiding away and thriving at your furniture and yard without showing any immediate signs of damage. These damages tend to show after some time. Since termites feed primarily on wood, they seem capable of compromising the strength and safety of an infested structure. This could lead to damages that can be corrected until expensive repairs are not conducted.

There are around 45 different kinds of termite species found in US that are divided in to three main categories of subterranean, drywood and dampwood. Subterranean termites live in soil and build the large nests that are connected via mud tubes to food sources, such as tree, fence posts and structural timbers in houses. Drywood termites typically live in wood, such as dead trees, structural timbers or hardwood floors. They tend to cause major damage to furniture at our homes. Whereas dampwood termites live in wood with high moisture content and do not require contact with soil. Due to this reason they are rarely found in homes or other man-made structures.

Ways to Tackle Termite Infestations at Your Place!

1)An effective way to prevent subterranean termites from affecting a structure is to pre-treat susceptible areas like door castings, windows and wall interiors, supports and wooden framing before building a home. Qualified termite technicians apply borate solution to exterior walls, piers and wooden studs to get long-lasting protection. Once the borate solution penetrates the wood and dries, it prevents termites from eating the wood. The treatment also prevents the pests from entering untreated areas.

2)Homeowners should make sure that none of their pipelines, taps and other water sources is leaking. Moisture attracts termites, and hence you should repair all leakages and damages in water pipelines. If you live in an area where the humidity level is usually high, you should take measures to keep your home interiors and exteriors dry. There are many types of equipment available in the market that decrease humidity in a home. Buy one and use it when needed to lower the risk of termites and other insects.

3)Besides these, soil pre-treatment is another effective termite control method. Soil treatment process has two steps. The first step involves treatment of the ground before pouring of the slab over it. The second step involves treatment in the property's exterior after completion of the construction. This is a very powerful method to control and prevent termites. Home builders can get years of protection against subterranean termites with this method.

4)Homeowners can keep a track of termite problems by installing termite baits inside and around their property. Most bait stations have treated cellulose material for controlling the underground bugs. Monitor the bait stations once in every three months.

5)If you stay in a region like Phoenix, which is susceptible to subterranean termite infestation, conduct termite inspection every year. Hire a reputed pest control company that has skilled and experienced professionals for doing annual termite inspections. Annual pest inspection gives you and your property an extra layer of protection from the tiny, wood-eating and property-damaging pests.

With the help of such tips, home builders as well as owners can control termites to a large extent. There are many professional who offer termite control services in Phoenix that specialize in protecting properties from termites and help regarding other pest related issues as well. These companies have their websites as well that explain ways through which different pest related issues can be dealt with!

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