How to Kill Evergreen Roots

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    • 1). Drill as many ½-inch holes through the top of the evergreen's tree stump as possible with an electric drill equipped with a ½-inch drill bit.

    • 2). Pack the holes in the stump with a nitrogen-rich fertilizer. This will overload the tree with nitrogen and start the rotting process.

    • 3). Wet the evergreen's tree stump and the surrounding area with water then place a tarp over the stump. Place wet mulch onto the tarp to block out sunlight and hold in the moisture.

    • 4). Pull up the mulch and tarp weekly and pack more fertilizer into the holes. Again, wet the area with water and re-cover it. Repeat this until the trunk show signs of decay. This can take several weeks, depending on the temperature and humidity in the area.

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