A Bite of Exotic History at the Delhi Darbar Restaurant

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The great Indian appetite is known for its grand variety of dishes. Be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian cuisine, nothing beats the array of exotic food that the country offers. Over the many years different cultures have come and settled in the Indian nation which in turn has seen a mingling of a multiplicity of diverse traditions and not to mention cuisine. Spices, which are synonymous with Indian food, are also a trademark of this rich culinary. These ethnically varied cooking traditions and techniques are brought together under one roof at the Delhi Darbar.

The Delhi Darbar Restaurantin Mumbai is not merely an eating joint but a brand that means class, a place for genuine food connoisseurs for whom eating is not just to satisfy hunger but to take delight in the taste, flavor and above all happiness for having such exotic food with their loved ones by their side. This is in turn complimented by the chefs who are not mere cooks but artists bringing together the best of spices, herbs, fruits, vegetables and but of course meat to create some divine delicacies which you don't just eat to satisfy you hunger, but relish and admire. While, on your way back home you remember the food at Delhi Darbar as a dining experience that would bring you back to the place over and over again whenever you plan to spend some peaceful and happy time with your family and friends.

Delhi Darbar Mumbai opened in 1976 at Colaba Causeway and ever since has been serving rich Mughlai cuisine to the biggest businessmen, politicians, celebrities' and for that matter to the Mumbaikars who take pride in it as a heritage site of sorts. The sinful biryani and tandoori chicken are way too irresistible and a mouthwatering treat. Of course today they have a number of branches; another one in Mumbai, Satara and a string of restaurants in Dubai.

True legacy is passed here from generation to generation as there are secret recipes passed on from fathers to sons. It is these recipes that hold the key to exotic taste that is given to the rich Mughlai dishes here. Food at Delhi Darbar means literally getting a bite of history relished upon, by not only the local public but also a huge foreigner crowd that just can't get enough of it. The current third generation at Delhi Darbar has a young and talented expert cook Atif Mansuri at the helm of things. He is an expert cookery graduate from a reputed Academy in Dubai. While here he brings forth all that experience, expertise into his cooking's at the Delhi Darbar. Add to this the secret recipe and not to mention the legacy passed from father to child is what makes dining at the Delhi Darbar not just eating of meal but an experience rich and memorable.
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