How to Set the Position of a Barometer

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    • 1). Call your local weather service and ask the representative what your local pressure is if you're unsure. You can find the contact information for your local weather service by clicking the first link listed under "Resources."

    • 2). Find your barometer's "adjusting screw." Flip your barometer over and look for a hole in the back of the plastic, metal or wood. Locate the slotted screw inside the hole and place your screwdriver inside the screw's groove.

    • 3). Set your barometer. Rotate the face toward you and turn the screw one way, making note of which direction your barometer's hand goes -- namely, is it going the direction you want it to or the opposite one? Adjust the screw until the barometer reads the same value the weather service told you, then stop and hang the barometer on your wall.

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