The Art of Letting Go

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How many people do you know who complain about their relationship or job because they can only see the negative, and then they get fired or dumped and start crying because they really miss it or their ex partner.
This is the extraordinary part about human emotion.
WE don't know what we've got till it's gone.
And, we don't know what we want to get rid of until we get it.
Ok, I'll say it different.
We get infatuated, and want something, and then we realise that there are flaws we didn't expect.
Or, we get resentful of something and then realise that there are benefits we didn't remember.
The most difficult of these are the letting go process for lovers.
Sometimes the mind plays tricks.
When people are in relationships they know they don't really love their partner like they need to.
They choose to sabotage the relationship.
Then, with time and distance they start to appreciate some things they didn't see before.
Then they want to go back.
Then they go back and remember all the things that pissed them off before.
So, then they regret going back and they break up.
Then they wish they were back because something bad happens in a new relationship so, the old one looks better, and then they go back but it wasn't as good as they remembered, so they want to leave again.
This happens 200,000 times a day throughout the world.
What a waste of energy.
The only real way to let go of someone is to find the balance in them.
They are a part of nature's puzzle and therefore, perfectly balanced in good and bad.
And, guess what: The definition of love in nature is? Balance.
So, the only way to let go of someone is to love em...
Love them before you leave them.
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