MLM Training - How to "Brand" Yourself And Attract More Reps & Prospects To Your MLM Busines

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If you ever had to chase down prospects or deal with countless tire kickers and looky looo's (the wrong people) to build your business than you need to read every single word of this article.

If this is what you're doing to build your business and you're not getting any positive results than you need to start making some simple but drastic changes to your MLM business.

When I first started out I had this problem too. But it wasn't until I finally learned how to set myself apart from the other 90% of network marketers who are "chasing" their prospects to build their business.

The first thing I did was, I "branded" myself. Take the brand "Pepsi" for example, what do you think about when you see "Pepsi" - you think "cola" or "soda" or maybe even "great tasting soda".

Well when prospects see "Richard Knight" in their inbox or on a website the first thing they think about is "someone who cares about my success" instead of "the guy who tried to pitch me yesterday"

Why do you need to "brand" yourself?

It's easy, there's way too many people doing the same thing "pitching" there prospects, and trying to shove their MLM opportunity down there throats.

When you "brand" yourself as someone who's there to help them, you'll stick out like a sore thumb, and believe or not but you'll actually start attracting prospects and new reps to you.

So how do I "brand" myself and attract "qualified" prospects and new reps to my MLM business?

Well, the first thing you have to do is provide them with valuable information that will help them. Remember, you're ultimate goal is to help people right (I hope that's why you decided to jump into network marketing, if not then you're in the wrong business bub).

So provide your prospects with valuable information that will help them, whether they join your opportunity or not.

Secondly, promote yourself first rather than your opportunity. When people see that you're there to help them achieve their goals first and foremost, it doesn't matter what opportunity you're in or what company you promote, your prospects will be attracted to you and eventually join you in whatever program you're in.

The "simplest" and most effective way to do this is to build a "Who Is" page. With a "Who Is" page you can provide valuable information to your prospects and promote you, your story and your experiences to help you relate with your prospects. There's a reason why "Who-Is" pages are popping all over the place and everyone from top marketers, big name network marketers, industry leaders and even down to the newbies out there are building "Who Is pages" - to put it bluntly, because they work.

If you don't know how to build a "Who Is" page take a look at mine. Not only do I provide valuable information but I also promote myself as someone "who cares" instead of trying to push some opportunity down people's throats and trying to make a quick buck off of them.

So if you're tired of chasing down prospects, and dealing with all the wrong people for your MLM business (looky loo's and tire kickers) then get off your butt and start "branding" yourself right away. Trust me; you'll never have to chase down another prospect, cold call or even buy leads ever again once you do.
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