How to Tape Sculpture a Face

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    • 1). Press a layer of plastic wrap against the face of your mask, mannequin head or mannequin. Wrap this base object with additional plastic wrap until it's completely covered. Smooth the plastic wrap against each curve or into each groove of the facial features if you intend to make a detailed sculpture.

    • 2). Cut 6 inches of tape from a roll of packing tape with a pair of sharp, non-serrated scissors. Apply it to the head with the sticky side down, to the left or right top side of the mask or head to begin wrapping the surface. Cut the tape lengthwise into narrow strips if you want a lot of detail or you're using a wide roll. Press the tape into the head's curves and grooves -- harder for more detail, lighter for less.

    • 3). Add more strips to create at least two full layers of tape on the head to give the sculpture support. Add additional layers as desired until you've covered the surface to achieve the desired transparency -- fewer layers for more transparency; more layers for less.

    • 4). Create a seam in the sculpture when you're finished layering. Cut along the back of the object with a craft or utility knife to start and then with scissors if necessary. Pull the seam gently apart with your fingers and lift the sculpted piece carefully away from the object.

    • 5). Cut away any tape to be removed completely or replaced with other materials. Cut out the eye sockets to create a functional tape-mask, for example. Cut the excess tape from the back and sides of the piece with scissors. Tape lengthwise along the cut edges of the seam with narrow tape strips to put the sculpture back together permanently.

    • 6). Paint and decorate the tape sculpture face, if desired. Paint it to look like a painted, porcelain doll mask with brightly colored features. Or, punch holes about 1/4 inch in from the sides of the mask and tie feathers or ribbon to it or glue sequins and rhinestones to the cheeks and around the eye holes to create a Mardi Gras-style mask.

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