How to Get Girlfriends - Who Else Wants to Learn How to Get Girlfriends?

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So you want to know how to get girlfriends, huh? I hope we both understand each other and know that this is how you can get girls to go out with you, not how to get more friends who are girls.
Well, there is a fast way for you to start getting more chicks to call your own and I am here to spill the beans.
Want to know what it is? The best way to start getting more girlfriends is start learning how to be a good boyfriend.
Now once you have learned this and can show women that, then you are golden.
Want to see what I mean? Let's say there is a girl you are interested in and she asks if you want to go shopping with her, or do something that she enjoys.
I know your initial reaction is probably going to be - no way.
Before you say no way, you need to realize that she may be testing the waters here.
If she sees something that she likes, there is a good chance she will want to see more.
If you say no right away and brush her off, then she will see that you are not really boyfriend material.
Not so good if your plan is to get more girlfriends.
So what do you do? Well, you show her that you can be a good boyfriend.
See, being a good boyfriend means doing things she wants to do even though you don't want to do them.
Being a good boyfriend means supporting her in all she does, even if you might disagree.
Are you starting to see how this can work in your favor? If your biggest worry is learning how to get girlfriends, then you should start working on how to be a good boyfriend.
Taking this route will ultimately make you the winner over the other guys she is considering.
And once you are golden with her, then other women will start to take notice as well.
Don't be shocked if her friends start talking about how much they like you and wish their men were more like you.
Of course there are other things you can do to get more girlfriends, but I will need much more time.
Are you ready to learn more?
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