Missed and Mist: Answers to Practice Exercises

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Answers to Practice Exercises: Missed and Mist

(a) "There was a strange groaning and rumbling from behind us and presently, looming out of the mist, came a tank, moving straight towards us. We began to scramble out of its way, but it turned off to the left and was soon buried again in the mist."
(Richard Van Emden, Sapper Martin: The Secret Great War Diary of Jack Martin, 2009)

(b) "I have never missed an opportunity to go to the Barnstaple market with Jeffrey, although it also happens to be true that I have never missed an opportunity to go to any market with anyone at any time."
(Calvin Trillin, Alice, Let's Eat, 1978)

(c) "I missed my home.

I missed my friends. I missed my mom and dad. I even missed my sister, who could be very annoying, believe me."
(Andrew Klavan, The Homelanders, 2011)

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