Alcohol Detox - First Step In Recovery

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Alcohol detox will vary among alcoholics depending on the severity of withdrawal symptoms the patient is experiencing.
Minor problems can include insomnia and slight tremors.
Severe reactions in a person who has been drinking for years can consist of delirium, severe tremors and seizures.
Result of Alcohol Abuse Those suffering minor symptoms do not necessarily have to be hospitalized while those with severe reactions must seek residential treatment.
Long term drinking can lead to heart problems, ulcers, liver disease, inflammation of the pancreas and nervous system problems.
Withdrawal Symptoms When a person decides to top drinking, the first symptoms they will notice are an upset stomach, headache, anxiety, sleepless nights and visual impairment.
If these symptoms begin to worsen, it is time to seek medical attention.
Fluid and electrolyte levels can drop due to vomiting and sweating and this can cause dehydration.
24-Hour Care Whether a person is going to be admitted to a hospital or a drug rehabilitation center, help will be made available to them.
They will receive twenty-four care in each of these facilities.
Outpatient Treatment Not all patients having severe complications will need to be hospitalized, even if they require intravenous fluids.
If a person decides to be treated in an outpatient setting, they must return to the hospital every day to be evaluated.
There is a possibility that medication will be prescribed as part of the withdrawal process and the patient will also be evaluated daily so they do not become addicted to the new medication.
Help Will Be Needed If outpatient care is chosen, the patient must be certain a friend or family member will be willing to stay with them throughout the alcohol detox process.
This person should speak to a doctor to become aware of what the patient will be going through and what danger signs to look for.
When someone does not know the severity of what a recovering alcoholic can experience, they will not be prepared to properly assist the patient.
Seek Medical Assistance Tremors and delirium, two of the worst symptoms experienced by a recovering alcoholic, were spoken of earlier.
If a person is recovering at home, the caretaker needs to recognize these signs and get medical attention immediately.
Tests will be needed to check for any internal organ damage the alcohol may have caused.
A patients mental status should also be checked on, as alcohol detox can be very trying emotionally.
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