Best Golf Swing Tips

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When looking to improve their golf games, many people will turn to new equipment to try and improve their handicaps.
However, this is a shallow solution that avoids the real issue.
This method may shave a stroke or two off of your game, if you are lucky.
However, if you are struggling with your game, the culprit most likely is your swing.
Improving your swing is the best of the golf swing tips to improve your score.
Following are the best golf swing tips for you to become a better player.
Practice with a Mirror: Best of the Swing Tips Using a mirror is one of the great swing tips, especially on rainy days.
Set a full length mirror up in your garage or a room with a high ceiling in your house.
Grab a 6-iron and face the mirror.
First, check your grip by looking both down at your hands and into the mirror, and make sure it is correct.
Next, look at your clubface.
Make sure it is not open or closed, but solidly squared up.
Then make sure your stance is slightly more than shoulder width apart.
Also check to ensure that the ball is slightly forward in your stance.
Once you have your stance and grip perfected, you will be ready to practice your swing.
You will go through 5 sets of 5 swings each.
During the first set, only swing at about 20% of your normal power and speed.
Each subsequent set add 20% to your power and speed, until you are swinging at full force on the last set.
Pay close attention to your balance, your grip, and your smoothness on each swing.
Try and make every swing exactly the same.
It will be harder with each successive increase in power, but it will become easier with each session that your practice.
Practice this best of the golf swing tips daily for maximum results.
Another of the Great Golf Swing Tips: Improve Your Balance and Your Swing Will Follow The next best of golf swing tips concerns balance.
Balance is the single most important part of any sport, and that holds very much true for golf.
Having the proper balance during each portion of the golf swing ensures a smooth and powerful striking of the ball.
Following are the four major positions in the golf swing, as well as how your body should be balanced during each position.
The first position in the perfect swing is the setup.
During this portion of the swing, your weight should be equally balanced between your front foot and your back foot.
During the setup, your weight should also be balanced equally between the balls and heels of your feet.
The next position in a perfect swing is the top of the backswing.
At the top of the backswing, your weight should be around 75% on your back foot.
All of this weight on your back foot should be on the inside of your back foot.
It should never shift to the outside of the back foot.
The third position during the swing is the moment of impact with the ball.
At this moment, you should have 75% of your weight on your front foot.
Your head should be behind the ball.
Your hips will be around 4 inches past they were in at the moment of setup.
If done correctly, your spine should be tilted sharply towards your back foot at the moment of impact.
The last position in the golf swing is the follow through.
At the end of the swing, 90% of your weight should be on the outside of your front foot.
Checking your balance in all these positions will feel extremely awkward at first.
Take your time and stick with it, and you will be amazed at the improvement in your swing.
Practice these golf swing tips as much as you can.
The more you practice golf swing tips, the better your results will be.
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