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You did your homework.
You carefully evaluated the marketplace and found an underserved niche of customers who are rabid for some quality information.
You then found, or wrote, the perfect eBook to satisfy their needs.
You created your eBay auctions and sat back waiting for sale after sale.
A few trickled in.
And then...
It stopped.
Nothing more.
What went wrong? You know your research was spot-on.
There is a market for the material.
You also know you have a spectacular product--perhaps the best of its kind or something irresistible and unique.
You did everything right, but to no avail.
Why did you not experience the rush of eBay sales you had anticipated? The problem probably wasn't in your assessment of the market.
The problem most likely had absolutely nothing to do with the quality of your eBook.
In most cases like this, the reason for lackluster sales is completely unrelated to the quality of the offering.
The issue lies in sales copy.
Too often, eBook sellers neglect to write truly spectacular listings for their products that will inspire customers to sell.
They wrongly believe that an interested customer base and a good product will be enough to produce the kind of results they want.
Sales copy, however, is as necessary a component to the process as either of those two elements.
Writing a great auction creates the necessary bridge between the hungry marketplace and the awesome product.
Without a good bridge, the customers never get to the eBook.
This simple fact is truly understood by the most successful eBook sellers.
Take a look at your listing and compare it to the names you recognize as being large-volume sellers.
Odds are, their listings motivate people in a way yours do not.
Examine other eBook offerings on eBay that are not doing very well.
You are likely to find a series of listings with stale, flat or unhelpful sales copy.
If your eBook launch on eBay was a disappointment, take another look at your listing and consider if it really does everything it can to sell your product.
You simply cannot afford to let a product's subject matter and title sell the eBook.
You must intervene and build a truly inviting bridge between your customers and the eBook.
How can you get a better sales page? Writing sales copy is a skill.
Like any other skill, it must be learned.
Invest some time in reading about how to write copy and work on your craft.
If you rely purely on your instinctive understanding of what makes an eBook sell, you are likely to be disappointed.
Find out what the experts have to say and implement it into your auction.
Many full-time eBook sellers rely on the services of writers who specialize in advertising copy.
These copywriters can write the sales pages you need for you (at a cost, of course).
Employing a professional for your auctions may seem over the top, but if you are considering a major launch for your eBook or are planning on making eBook selling on eBay your primary area of business it can be a worthwhile investment.
A great product and an interested customer base are only the first steps to success.
The third is bridging the gap between the two with auctions that truly inspire purchases.
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