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Here's a scientific fact for you. High fructose corn syrup is a man made chemical that you should avoid at all costs if you're striving for a healthy and attractive lifestyle. How's this for unnatural. It is made by treating genetically modified corn with a variety of enzymes to extract the sugar glucose and then convert some of it into fructose. What this leaves you with is a mixture of fructose and glucose, which then finds its way into juices and sodas.

Why do companies do this? Thre is only one reason. It's cheaper than using good old-fashioned sugar. However, though it might make your drinks taste sweet, the end result is that it is detrimental to your health. The following is a list of reasons to avoid this artificial additive altogether.

Reason to Avoid #1 Diabetes

It causes weight gain because it inhibits the body's ability to stimulate insulin production. Without insulin your body doesn't function properly. Part of living a healthy lifestyle means not being sick and being free of disease. Diabetes is a widespread epidemic in America today that you need to avoid at all cost in order to maintain a healthy and attractive lifestyle.

Reason to Avoid #2 Weight Gain

Not only does it inhibit the body's ability to produce insulin, but it also inhibits the body's ability to increase leptin production, a hormone that is produced by the body's fat cells and which control appetite and bodyweight.

Reason to Avoid #3 Increase Hunger

It inhibits the body from suppressing a hormone known as ghrelin, which increases hunger. It goes without saying that an unneeded increase in appetite will affect one's bodyweight and health.

Reason to Avoid #4: Increases Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is often referred to as brittle bone disease and is most common in women. High fructose corn syrup alters the magnesium balance, making women even more susceptible to this disease.

Reason to Avoid #5: Increases the Aging Process

If you're determined to live an attractive life, then this is the biggest reason to avoid. Obviously your goal is to always look years younger than you actually are, but if you're ingesting it, you're not going to be able to do this.

When you get right down to it, high fructose corn syrup is a man made chemical. Not even the corn that starts the beginning of the process is natural. When you take a product that is far from its natural state you generally get an unhealthy result. But you get a result that is absolutely devoid of any nutritional value, which is all the more reason to cut from your diet completely.
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