Secrets to Starting As an Affiliate Marketer Today

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Here is a quick and simple home based affiliate marketing business guide for all budding affiliate marketing entrepreneurs.
If you are new to world of the web you are probably asking yourself how much you need to know about computers to make a successful home based affiliate marketing business.
Well let's just say, you are probably not a mechanic, but you know how to operate a car to get you from A to B..
You can utilise the car for your purposes.
Same concept applies here, you don't need to know about HTML, web design etc etc.
BUT you can use the internet to make an affiliate marketing business.
It's really not complicated.
So you are very interested in making money from home and heard about this affiliate home based business, but don't know really what it entails.
Well, in its simplest terms, this is when you sell other peoples products or services, in return for a commission.
So you are really just the middle man/woman.
All you need to do is help these people/business's make sales.
Let me make it clear though that you don't need to be a sales person to do this.
It's like someone going into a shop to purposely buy something but they don't know where it is located in the shop.
All you have to do is direct them to where it is, and if they buy it, you make some money on the back end of it.
Easy money!!!! For something this simple surely it's worth educating yourself on the process of what you need to do in order to make this easy money.
So to get started, this is what you need to do.
Chose a market that you are familiar with or passionate about.
This way you have a good foundation on which to build on, and in time you will be perceived as an authority figure on that topic.
Then go to 'Namecheap.
com' and choose a domain name, which can be picked for less than £10 for the year.
Choose a '.
com' name as these are the most popular when people do their searches.
Select a name closely related to the keywords in your chosen market, or just your own name if you are branding yourself.
The next step is to go to 'Mattieblaze.
com' to get a hosting account.
This is the site that will 'air' your site and your domain name, and it costs as little as £60 for the year.
This will allow your site to be live and accessible 24/7, regardless of your own internet connection.
Once this is in place you need a web site to either promote yourself, or your promotional products.
Now being a computing technophobe I knew NOTHING about how to do this, until I went to weebly.
Here I was shown exactly how easy it was to design my own website and for free.
So for as little as £70, for the year, you are ready.
You're ready to start promoting affiliate products.
I would recommend starting of promoting non physical products.
These are things that can be sent to customers at the click of a button, electronically.
Things such as EBooks, audio's, video's, webinars etc etc.
By these products being downloaded your profits are higher.
Go over to 'Clickbank.
com', sign up for free and check out the thousands of products ready for you to promote.
For physical products you can go to 'Commisionjunction.
com', but due to the shipping costs obviously the commission you make will be less.
A note to yourself when building your website is to make sure it has plenty of high quality content and is rich in the keywords relating to your chosen market.
This is the key to you making your home based affiliate marketing business a success.
Having the keyword will help drive traffic to your site.
Just type in 'Keywords' in the Search box for Google to get idea's of what kind of words people are putting into Google when they are searching on that topic.
Final tip of the day is to get an auto responder system set up that will capture and communicate with your prospects for you, no matter what time of day or night it is.
All you do is preload the messages into it and it will automatically do the rest.
I recommend using 'Aweber.
So you could be sleeping, out with friends, on holiday etc etc and still be making money.
This costs a mere £13 / month but is so worth it.
Imagine having a list of 500/1000/10000 customers.
Would you really want to write 500/1000/10000 emails and in sync with when they all signed up.
Heck no!! Aweber will do it for you.
Now that you have the info you need put it to good effect and start your own home based affiliate marketing business that can provide you some additional income.
And when you have fine tuned your operations you will be able to completely replace your income with this business.
So good luck to you.
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