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There are lots of things that one must take into consideration when they compare hosting companies.
It is not just the brand name of the company that matters completely.
There are lots of other things as well and one will get to know those things only if they compare hosting companies.
We would, in this article, look at some of the aspects that one must look into when he or she compares hosting companies.
The most important things of them all when one compares hosting companies are the bandwidth, disk space, reliability of the service and the customer service.
There are lots of servicing providers which would claim to offer unlimited bandwidth services.
One should not get fooled by this promise as there is nothing called unlimited as far as bandwidth is concerned.
The only thing that they might mean with the word 'unlimited' is something extra.
Something more than what the normal service providers have to offer.
Remember, the bandwidth usage might get affected especially when there are many users using it at the same time.
The other thing that needs to be considered to find the best servicing providers is the disk space.
The average size of the space needed on the disk will be 10 MB.
So do not get tempted by those unlimited space as that will not be required at all and will go unused.
The most important thing of them all is the reliability of the service along with the speed at which it renders its service.
There are lots of service providers who promise 99 percent uptime but do not provide that when their service is bought.
The fact of the matter is that even 99 percent is not good enough and one would require at least 99.
8 percent uptime to ensure smooth functioning of the business.
The improper functioning of the business can be responsible for losing an esteemed customer and you will for sure not want the uptime of your service to be a reason for losing the customer.
Technical customer is another important aspect after reliability that must be taking into consideration while comparing service providers.
When people say that they will provide round the clock service, ensure that they stick to their stance.
See to it that you do not hook up with a service provider who will not answer your calls during odd hours or during holidays as your business hours are odd and you might require technical support anytime.
Ensure that when you compare hosting companies, you give more preference to customer support and reliability as these are the two things which really matter after the service is being bought.
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