The 2012 Dodge Durango: 7 Passenger Seating and Hemi Power

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If you are looking for a 7 passenger Dodge SUV there are a few Durango models that fit the bill.
Although the Heat version of the 2012 Durango is only a 5 passenger model the R/T, Citadel, SXT and Crew versions are made to seat up to 7 people.
Let's look a bit closer at these models and you can decide if the Durango might be a good model for you.
You can get a Dodge Durango in either two wheel drive or four wheel drive configuration depending on your needs.
If you live in a part of the United States where there is very little snow and there isn't really a problem with torrential downpours that make roads slippery then perhaps you can get away with buying a 2WD Durango.
Most potential buyers should probably go with the 4WD model though and this is certainly the case if you live an area where it snows quite a bit since it might be a little tough to get around in the rear wheel drive Durango models in slippery conditions.
Most of this SUVs trim levels are equipped with a 3.
6L V6 engine that produces 290 HP and 260 pound feet of torque.
That's enough to get you down the road obviously but if you like your vehicles to have a bit more motivation you should probably go with the 5.
7L V8 that is good for 360 HP and 390 lb-ft of torque.
As you might have guessed this is the famous new Hemi engine that Dodge uses in a number of vehicles.
While you might think it would make the Durango super-fast it actually only manages 7.
3 seconds in the 0-60 tests done by Motor Trend.
Still 360 HP is far better than 290.
If you are used to the old Durango models the new version should be a nice surprise in terms of handling and fuel economy since it is based on the same platform as the new Jeep Grand Cherokee and is a uni-body design instead of sitting on a truck frame.
Highway fuel economy for the V6 model is 23 MPG which is better than what the old model used to get.
The numbers may actually be a bit optimistic for the V6 and understated for the V8 though since some owners report maxing out at 20 MPG with the 3.
6L and hitting nearly 23 MPG with the 5.
7L which is rated for 20 MPG.
If you can foot the bill for a brand new Durango you can always check out the used market since there are plenty of used models out there.
Obviously you will have to take a step backwards in the models development unless you can get a recent model with low miles.
Just be sure you pick a specific model that has been well cared for by its owner.
One of the good things about buying a Dodge Durango in comparison with some more expensive options is the fact that you should have easy access to cheap parts.
This can be particularly helpful when buying used models since they tend to need a bit more care.
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