Outstanding Monuments In Alicante

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A few words about Alicante

Alicante is the beautiful city that occupies the eastern coast of Spain, a city that is bordered by the picturesque provinces of Valencia, Murcia and Albacete. A very famous city in Spain and also a very popular tourist destination, Alicante attracts millions of people from all the corners of the world with its active nightlife and its sandy beaches bathed by some of the clearest waters in Europe. Alicante is a city that will charm its visitors with the breathtaking promenade, the spectacular beachfront and the relaxed atmosphere. Another big advantage of Alicante is represented by the fact that it has a very long sightseeing list which contains dozens of monuments, monuments that should be visited by any tourist who spends a few days in Alicante.

An outstanding sightseeing list

Alicante is famous for its long list containing temples, churches and monuments that deserve the interest of all tourists because of the fact that they display unique, very interesting and beautiful architectural styles. For example, a very popular monument especially among tourists but also among the inhabitants of the city is the outstanding Saint Mary's Church. The church is so popular among tourists due to the fact that it is renowned as being the oldest in Alicante.

Since Alicante is one of those Spanish cities that were ruled by the Moors at one certain time in the past, the church was built over the ruins of an old Moorish mosque that had been built in the city by the Arabs. Saint Mary's Church displays a very interesting, even charming Gothic style as the church was built between the 14th and the 16th centuries. The faade is flanked by two towers which are solid and even though they seem to be similar, they are quite different in essence: one of the towers is older than the other as it was built in the 14th century and it is ''L'' shaped while the second one built in 1713, has a rectangular shape.

Some of the forming pieces of the church display other architectural styles such as the portal which has some exquisite Baroque elements or the high alter which is a very fine example of Rococo. The church is also renowned for hosting dozens of art objects of huge value and great importance for the country. Visit the Saint Mary's Church if you are in Alicante! It is a beautiful monument!

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