The Spiritual Nature of Prosperity and Abundance

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A recent manifesting course promo emphasizes immersion.
Day in and day out focus on Item X.
It works for languages, that's been proven.
But it works for any academic learning.
Repetition trains the brain.
If you hear language X all day, try to listen to language Y until you learn it.
This involves focused intention, shutting out distractions, and the positive thinking/belief that you will learn it.
So what about manifesting wealth so that you can then manifest all kinds of other stuff? Skeptics state that if you think positively all day long and focus on the stuff you want, you're still doing the same job so you're still going to get the same money.
Well now you are guilty of vibrating with the having the same job and the same money even though you are thinking of the other stuff you want but don't have.
So something has to change.
Deliberate creation has been described as 'decide what you really want, think about it until you can feel what it's like to have it now, in the present, and as a result, vibrate with the feeling of having it'.
Sounds simple.
Practicing this twice a day could take up to five to fifteen minutes, let's say.
That leaves almost all the time you usually have to do everything else.
But during that majority of your time, do you have to think about the spiritual moments of deliberate creation? Do you retain the vibration you created, throughout a difficult work day? Probably not.
I truly do not have the answer of what would ultimately work for you.
There are many versions of manifesting courses available.
Some say they are all self-hypnosis, or just tricking yourself into feeling a more positive vibration.
Honestly, who cares.
We are bombarded with hypnotism all day long.
It's called advertising.
It's on the radio, on the bus, in the subway, on the sidebars of your web pages.
Your own chosen hypnosis has to be better! Prosperity and abundance created with the Law of Attraction may be a science.
It may be of a spiritual nature.
If it in any way calls to you, and your imagination needs a boost, try some of the manifesting courses that are around.
I think that just by entertaining the idea, you begin to change your life direction.
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