CSA 2010 - A New Paradigm for Truck Drivers

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Ever since CSA 2010 has arrived, it has brought major changes in the truck driving industry. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration initiated CSA 2010 to improve large bus and trucks safety and trim down commercial motor vehicle related accidents, injuries, crashes and fatalities. This new legal enforcement safety program enables FMCSA as well as its State Partners to carry out carriers and thereby cut down crashes rate to a significant extent. CSA is an acronym that stands for Compliance Safety Accountability. CSA 2010 started in February 2008 with field tests in New Jersey, Missouri, Georgia, and Colorado.

What is the manner in which it operates?

The simplest way to know the way it functions is to refer to a school report card. An individual is categorized into a group of identical drivers. Each time an individual enters a roadside assessment, the person is examined on skills of trade that includes load securement, logbook, pre-trip, fatigue, etc. In case a person fails even in one of the skills, it results in violation. This skill violation is allotted a score from 1-10 depending on its. The violation score number is then multiplied by 2 for corporations and by 3 for drivers. In case it is an O.O.5 violation then 2 is added to the violation score before multiplying it by 2 or 3. The good point is that a person is charged with maximum 40 violation points.

The enforcement inspector (DOT) or (MOT) feeds these details into DSMS (Driver Safety Measurement System) and after that they are mathematically calculated against all other drives in a person's group. In case a person's group average is 40 and the individual score of a person is 15, that means they are doing good. O is absolutely a clean score and 80-100 means danger. Lower the score the better it is.

In order to know all the rules and regulations that come under CSA, one can browse through various CSA links on the web. CSA online is an excellent step for trucking companies to educate their fleet about the CSA regulations and operate their businesses efficiently. One can even test one's IQ level by browsing CSA online and can compare oneself with other fleet members.
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