How To Approach Women - Confidence With Women

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You will hear all of the time that one of the secrets to approaching a woman is to have confidence. The thing is, they NEVER tell you HOW to have confidence with women. And you do have to know how to have confidence with women, if you want to succeed with women. So, what should you do to gain confidence with women?

Here are a few tips that should help out your confidence with women:

1. Find women that you can be friends with. Just getting used to being around women on a regular basis will help out YOUR confidence with women. Most men have a group of guy friends, but they don't have many female friends that are truly friends. When you find women to hang out with, keep it just as friendship. You will gain both confidence as well as insights that will make YOU more successful with women.

2. Work out. Working out will make you feel a little more confident in yourself and your appearance. And exercise releases "feel" good chemicals in your brain which will also naturally give your confidence a boost. After all, it's much easier to be confident when you feel good.

3. Take small steps at first. If you are really uncomfortable around women, taking the whole approach in small steps is a good way to build up. Start by getting comfortable at smiling at a woman or using body language. Then get comfortable at approaching a woman and just using some small talk. Keep working your way up until you are confident enough to walk up to a woman, start a conversation, and flirt with her.

Confidence is king with women, but you have to know how to be confident with women. These three tips will help you do just that.

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