Network Marketing Prospecting - Confessions of an Ex-Network Marketer

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I was a distributor for a very well established MLM Company.
When I saw the business plan from a complete stranger, it made perfect sense to me.
I got really excited about the business opportunity and income potential it offered.
I joined in the business and started following my upline.
After a week, I went to a major convention and absolutely blown away by what I have seen there.
I have seen people from all walks of life, color, creed and age group having success at various levels.
Came back really pumped up and excited.
Now I really want to build my business and become successful as fast I as I can.
Prepared a list of friends and family members and spoke to them with my sponsor's help.
Some got in, even though majority didn't see what I saw and didn't get in.
My Network Marketing Prospecting struggle actually started when I had to go out and meet strangers in public places.
I used to go out for three to fours every day hanging out in book stores and malls hoping to meet my potential business partners.
I used to think there is nothing in the world that is better than my MLM business.
I used to go through many people to get a YES.
Even the persons who said yes, managed to find an excuse after seeing the business presentation.
I sponsored few people here and there, but the momentum never really kicked in.
Because of some reason, I never really liked the concept of meeting strangers in public places, start a conversation and divert the conversation in to my network marketing business.
Many MLM companies till this date follow this mode of network marketing prospecting.
After struggling for four years, nearly twenty five thousand dollars in the drain and nothing to show for, one fine day I said enough is enough.
Here is a summary of things I loved and hated during my network marketing life: What I loved •The teachings in the weekly meetings, hotel meeting and conventions were great.
•People were absolutely wonderful.
You cannot separate their life from their business.
MLM business is their life and their life is MLM business.
•I loved showing a business presentation and quoting all success quotes to make them 'get' it •Loved reading one new book every month What I hated •I hated going out to public places and cold contacting people.
•I hated when somebody rejected the business when I offered them.
I used to feel like everybody ought to do this.
Why don't they get it? •Hated driving long distance and showing a business presentation and to get rejected eventually.
•Hated to see people disappear after 3 months when I put log of effort in building their MLM business •Spending thousands of dollars and making peanuts in return Truth be told.
I learned a lot during my MLM prospecting years and have great respect for other MLM distributors and their leaders.
It's our dreams and lives on the line, doesn't matter what MLM company we are associated with.
By all means we should strive to achieve our dreams and live better lives.
May be, my strength is not in cold contacting people and striking a spontaneous conversation.
After couple of year of being away from my MLM business, I accidentally stumbled across a business model which allows me to build the business at the comfort of my home.
I absolutely loved it as I don't have to step outside every day and face rejections to build my business.
I invite you to check out a business model that uses latest cutting edge strategies and technological tools that put you far a head of your competition and most of all you can do it from your computer.
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